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Dominant 4/4 enkeltstrenge

Dominant 4/4 enkeltstrenge

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A - aluminium
D - aluminium
D - silver
E - aluminium
E - stainless steel
G - silver
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The THOMASTIK Dominant violin string set is available in three gauges. In the medium gauge, the strings are also available for smaller instruments. The synthetic strings are characterized by a soft and harmonically rich sound - similar to gut strings.

  • E string ball end
  • E, A and D aluminum wound, G silver wound
  • extremely popular, frequently used Perlon core string
  • comparable in sound with gut strings, without their inherent disadvantages
  • round, soft, brilliant sound
  • rich in overtones
  • excellent pitch stability, insensitive to climatic changes
  • easy to handle and play
  • 4/4 soft, medium and strong
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