Passione SOLO bass strings A

Passione SOLO bass strings A

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Model/Varenr.: PirPASSSOLOaHm
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  • The new top steel strings by PIRASTRO
  • Core material is a high-strength and very flexible steel rope
  • wound with chrome steel
  • especially for bow play developed string set
  • inspiring tonal diversity
  • complex overtone spectrum
  • enormous base range and sustain
  • good sustain characteristics for the pizzicato-play
  • great balance and tuning within the set
  • absolute tuning stability


SOLO tuning


  • Passione BASS colour code at tailpiece: silk-white with spiral havanna
    timbre at peg end: G - brown, D - red, A - black, E - green, H5 - yellow, E 2.10m - green
    Bass strings, double bass strings