Evah Pirazzi SOLO bass string E2

Evah Pirazzi SOLO bass string E2

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Model/Varenr.: PirEVAHSOLOe2Hm
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  • Modern bass string with core of high-quality synthetic fibres, chrome steel wound
  • The sound is big, powerful, warm and round, with an accentuated low- frequency range and an exceptional resonance in the echo
  • The resonance is easy and the touch pleasant.
  • Ideal for bowing.
  • It is also extremely suitable for pizzicato due to its post-stroke-swings.
  • Absolute pitch stability, reduced break-in time, great twist stiffness.
  • Completely insensitive to climatic changes.
  • Tailpiece colour: light green with black spiral
  • Peg end colour: A1 Solo light gray, E2 Solo light green, H3B Solo - light yellow, FIS4 Solo - light blue,
  • Bass strings