Evah Pirazzi SOLO bass string Cis5

Evah Pirazzi SOLO bass string Cis5

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Model/Varenr.: PirEVAHSOLOcis5Hm
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Modern bass string with core of high-quality synthetic fibres, chrome steel wound. The sound is big, powerful, warm and round, with an accentuated low- frequency range and an exceptional resonance in the echo. The resonance is easy and the touch pleasant. Ideal for bowing. It is also extremely suitable for pizzicato due to its post-stroke-swings. Absolute pitch stability, reduced break-in time, great twist stiffness. Completely insensitive to climatic changes. Tailpiece colour: light green with black spiral, Peg end colour: A1 Solo light gray, E2 Solo light green, H3B Solo - light yellow, FIS4 Solo - light blue
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