Evah Pirazzi bass string SET

Evah Pirazzi bass string SET

1.848,00 DKK 2.310,00 DKK

Modern double bass string with a high quality synthetic fiber core, chrome steel wound. The big, powerful, warm and round sound of the strings is combined with an accentuated low frequency spectrum and an exceptional resonance with a good sustain. The response is quick allowing for easy left and right hand articulation - ideal for the bow. With its exceptional sustain qualities it is also highly suitable for pizzicato. Evah Pirazzi strings offer outstanding tuning stability, a very short playing-in-time and an astonishing resistance to rolling. They are resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.
Color code at the tailpiece end: black spiral on light green.
Color code at the peg end: G - brown, D - red, A - black, E - green, H5 - yellow.
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