Peter INDFELD violin SET  E platin (removeable ball end)

Peter INDFELD violin SET E platin (removeable ball end)

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Model/Varenr.: TpiVShm
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The brand Peter INFELD from Thomastik has an extremely powerful note, big dynamic range to highest notes, fast response and an outstanding voice balance.
Completely new: the first E-string with platinum plating!

  • E platinum - covering with thread
  • A nylon - aluminium wound
  • D nylon - silver wound
  • G nylon - silver wound
  • E-A-D-G ball end (removable)
  • rich spectrum of acoustic colour
  • perfect mixture of power and elegance
  • high dynamic range
  • excellent playability
  • high sensibility in bow response
  • excellent voice balance and short time to become acquainted with it
  • only 23,3kg total stress