Perpetual violin SET

Perpetual violin SET

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Model/Varenr.: 41A021hm
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Virtuoso sound magic with the largest sound volume

The »one« string can not exist, as the individual wishes and requirements for a string product are too different.
Thanks to innovative materials and the new manufacturing processes adapted to them, with the Pirastro Perpetual a set of strings has been developed that did not exist in the Pirastro range. Within the range of violin strings, the Pirastro Perpetual have the largest volume of sound at very high load capacity combined with precisely focused sound projection. Nevertheless, the clarity in the sound of Perpetual does not lead to a reduction in their richness of colour. These characteristics combine concise sound approaches and optimal response from the extreme fortissimo to the very quiet range. The violin strings Perpetual react in an ideal way to the finest changes in the bow speed and the bow load; they thus enable a playing that is extremely differentiated in terms of dynamics and expression. The novel base material allows a comfortable smoothness in tone connections, position changes, string transitions, double stops and chords. Although the Pirastro Perpetual change in the direction of an even smoother tone within 24 hours, an enormous vocal range is achieved immediately after the string is set up.

Another novelty in the Perpetual string set is the E-string, which is finished with a platinum coating.

  • seductive playability
  • overwhelming tone volume
  • clearly focused sound projection
  • suggestive sound magic
  • optimal response
  • platinum coated E-string, 0.26 mm, removable ball
  • A synthetic/aluminum wound
  • D synthetic/sterling silver wound
  • G synthetic/sterling silver wound
  • A-D-G with ball end